Laura Añez, an Industrial and Textile designer from Colombia, returned in 2015 to her home country after studying at the Montreal Center for Contemporary Textiles. That year she created her own brand called Laura Añez Textiles which core purpose is the conscious development of textile objects, knitted in natural fibers, and created with artisan techniques through sustainable practices.


Laura Áñez Textiles is a Colombian luxury handcrafted knitwear brand born from the union of contemporary textile design and traditional artisanal production. The brand uses creation and production processes focused on sustainability. We create from the threads of natural renewable fibers such as alpaca, organic cotton and silk, that are responsibly produced by small producers in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia and with excellent properties echoed in our finished pieces


All our products are knitted from thread to piece, one by one, in our Bogotá workshop. The machine knitting process is handmade process where handcrafting is indispensable from beginning to end; high precision, patience, and rhythm are essential on the part of artisan to achieve our unique pieces. Our company is a fair employer of expert artisans with equal opportunities.

The creations from Laura Añez Textiles are designed for longevity, generating zero waste, creating simple and timeless shapes that can be used in any occasion and for many years thanks to its timeless design and high quality. At the end of the life cycle, our products can be unknitted for the reuse of its fiber or simply degraded naturally.


We respect those who produce, transport, and buy the product with fair payments and fair work schedules to workers, as well as fair prices to customers. It is part of our way for promoting conscious consumption and design from clear concepts of sustainable and circular production. We are an alternative to fast-fashion with high quality and design standards.

We believe in transparency, in designing for longevity without harming the environment, we are also committed to transparent communication and to contributing to a better and safer way of life for everyone.


Bogotá, Colombia.

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